Eastern Mobiles

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was used in guidance vehicles. Operating mode is F3. It is possible to co-operate with Telecode devices and telephones. It can be used as relay radio station and be remote-controlled.

It can cooperate with: R-105 D...r-109 D, R-105 M... R-109 M, R-107, R-114 D, R-123 .

In my shack 2 devices are shown: one with German inscription and 220-V-power supply, weighing 45 kg, (see picture below) and one with Russian inscription and Transverter (see picture above). The power supplies are not exchangeable , which cannot be explained, since these devices should be perfectly compatible.

Frequency range: 20... 52 MHz
Range 1: 20... 36 MHz
Range 2: 36... 52 MHz


Technical data:
Transmitting power when tuned by hand:
75 Watts, switchable 1%, 20%, 100%.
Frequency departure
+ - 6 kHz.
under 1,5 UV during signal/signal-to-noise ratio of 20 dB.
Power input:
Transmitting: max 20 A.
Receiving: max. 7 A.
Sections of the radio simplex (duplex):
1 (2) UHF radio, 1 (2) Transverter, 1 (2) amplifier for throat microphone, 1 (3) Headset(s), 1 antenna adjustment device, 1 set of cable connections, 1 tool kit, 1 (2) box with accessories, 1 measuring instrument Z435.