Eastern Mobiles

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was particularly developed for the use in tanks and armored vehicles.

Frequency range: 20.0... 22.375 MHz
Divided into 96  frequencies  25-kHz apart.
Type of modulation: F3


Technical data:
Transmitting power:
16 Watts
Operating modes:
Voice transmission simplex and duplex, on-duty receiving, can operate with R-112 on the same antenna, link to interphone R-120 possible.
up to 20 km.
4-m- Tank- rod- antenna
2,5-m- auxiliary antenna
Power supply:
Transformer block with 2 transformers, one for receiving, the second is added when  transmitting.
Power input:
Transmitting 300 W
Receiving 140 W
Parts of the station R-113
Radio, transformer block,   antenna insulator, power suppy cable, headset with chest switch.