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      R-104 M
R-105 D
      R-105 M






R-105D, R-108D, R-109D and R-114D

are optically and technically alike, differ only by frequency range. They strongly resemble the German backpacks of WW II.

R-105 D (R-108d, R-109 D) is a portable or mobile set. Operating mode is F3, simplex. It can be operated by remote control and used at relay operation. ("It can be dipped 0.5 m under water for 3 minutes"...)
It co-operates with R-107, R-111, R-113, R-123 .

R-105, R-108, R-109

A note from Ted, DJ3YR, (Thank you, Ted!):
It is largely unknown that there was a pre-series, called
"R-105, R-108 und R-109" (without the additive "D").

This model had one more tube in the IF- stage. (tube 11). Apparently there were problems with this stage, so that in the final version this double diode was replaced by a semiconductor diode pair.

The old versions were "updatet", by replacing the IF- stage with the new version. While clearing up a workstation of the former GST in Thuringia, large packagings of brand new IF stages were found in a container. They apparently were meant to modernize the old R-105,-108,-109.

The optical difference is the missing switch for the operational mode on the front panel.
The old versions have a lock for the tuning knob, where the later versions have the switch for the operational mode.
(At the later "D"- versions this lock switch is situated on the right side of the glass lens.)

The above pictures of the chassis and the schematics are taken from the manual for the "R-109" "DV-44/19" (1958) of the former "NVA"; where detailed descriptions can be found.
Frequency ranges:

R-105 D:  36,0...46,1 MHz.
R-108 D:  28,0...36,5 MHz
R-109 D:  21,5...28,5 MHz
R-114 D;  20,0...26,0 MHz.


Technical data:
Dimensions + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 365 x 230 x 385 mm; 21 kg.
Feed crate: L/b/h: 615 x 340 x 460 mm; 40 kg.
Transmitting power:
1.2 to 1.3 Watts.
Frequency departure:
+ - 8 kHz, which can be controlled with the inserted xtal calibration generator.
under 1,5 µV with signal-to-noise ratio of 10:1.
Sections of the radio:
Wooden box:
Radio, radio operator's bag, long wire antenna, antenna foot for board aerial, coaxial cable for board aerial, spare parts box, 4 batteries NKN24.
In the radio operator bag,
Telephone handset, long wire antenna, hand lamp, screwdriver.
In the antenna bag:
Long wire antenna (Beverage), 40 m, 6 timber columns, 4 herrings with anchoring wire
In the spare parts box:
8 tubes 2SH27L, 1 tube 4P1L, 1 chopper WS-4,8, 1 microphone capsule MK-10, spare bulbs for hand lamp & dial illumination, germanium diodes D2-e and D2-d.
In the rear part of the device are stored:
1 speech set, 2 batteries 2NKN24, 1 Kulikov antenna, 4 flagpole antenna-parts for 2,7-m-rod antenna, 1 counterpoise.
2 times 2,4 NC 25
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