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      R-105 D
R-105 M





  R-105m, R-108m, and R-109m

are optically and technicallly alike, differ only by frequency range. They follow R-105 D to R-109 D, (where metal housings and tubes were used); the M-series uses plastic housings and has soldered sub-micro tubes, printed circuits and is partly transistorized.
The M-series is built in two variants:
1)The indicating instrument is in the center (see picture above)
2)The indicating instrument is in the uper left corner:


R-105 M (R-108m, R-109 M) is a portable and a mobile backpack. Operating mode is F3, simplex. It can be operated by remote control and used at relay operation.
It co-operates with R-107, R-111, R-123; of course also with R-105d, R-108d and R-109d.

Frequency ranges:

R-105 M: 36.0... 46.1 MHz.

R-108 M: 28.0... 36.5 MHz
R-109 M: 21.5... 28.5 MHz


Technical data:
Mass + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 310 x 170 x 325 mm; 14 kg.
Wooden box: L/b/h: 620 x 350 x 420 mm; 40 kg.
Transmitting power
approx. 1 Watt.
Frequency departure
+ - 4 kHz, which can be controlled with the inserted xtal calibration generator.
2 UV during signal/signal-to-noise ratio of 20 dB.
Sections of the radio:
Wooden box containing:
Radio, radio operator`s bag, antenna bag, antenna foot for board aerial, coaxial cable for board aerial,
In the radio operator`s bag,
Telephone handset, long wire antenna, hand lamp, screwdriver.
In the antenna bag:
Long wire antenna (Beverage), 40 m, 6 timber columns, 4 herrings with anchoring wire
2 times 2NKN24
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