Eastern Mobiles

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  R-123 M







was used in tanks and armored vehicles, or together with other radios it was used in sets of small and middle performances.

A special feature is the complex optical system, where the frequency display is reflected to a glass plate.

Frequency range: 20.0... 51.5 MHz
Range 1: 20... 35.75 MHz
Range 2: 35.75... 51.5 MHz.
Type of modulation: F3


Technical data:

Transmitting power:
20 Watts
Operating modes (F3):
Voice transmission, on-duty reception.
Depending on antenna 14 to 28 km.
Frequency departure:
4.5... 7 kHz
Power supply: 26 V:
Transverter BP-26 with transistors.
Power input:
Transmitting 9.6 A
Receiving 3 A
Parts of the station R-113
Radio, Transverter, antenna foot, Koaxcable, technical documentation, spare parts box, 1 blade antenna for use, 1 blade antenna as back-up, chest switch, dummy, HF cables, antenna filters transmit/receive for  linking two R-123 to one antenna, Power supply cable.