Warsaw Pact Reciever

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  R-870 M
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  R-870 M

is a fully transistorized Russian Air Band receiver, with a frequency range of
100 ... 150 MHz.

This specimen was adapted by the German Army; they added a new front, and changed part of the structure.

The original radio had 12V DC and 220V AC in one connector; this is not allowed in Germany. That is why the AC PSU was removed, leaving the 12V input only. So the empty room inside the housing resulted.

I could not find any hints about the conversion or about the "Germanizing..." of the front plate.

Other radios with the same housing in the collection are:

Air Band
transceiver R-809 M2

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Air band
transceiver R-859

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Frequency range:
100 ... 149.975 MHz


Technical data:
Channel spacing:
25 kHz
Powered by:
Original receiver 220V AC, and 12 V DC
After conversion 12 V DC
Active elements:
35 semiconductors
Measurements and weight:
310 x 215 x 190 mm; 7.5 kg
Year of issue:
1970 ?