Warsaw Pact Receiver

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      R 870







is a Russian portable HF-receiver with tubes.
It was issued in the late 60s as "secret".
It can be operated with the accompanying PSU WS-2,5M, or with inserted batteries.

The solid aluminium housing has leather seals.

The IF- bandwith can be controlled between 3000 and 6000 Hz.

the AGC (automatic amplifying control) causes: if the antenna current changes for 60 dB (1000-fold), the NF- output changes only for 10 dB.

The most important operational elements on the front are:

  • Switch for the frequency ranges;

  • Frequency setting is either coarse by the rear knob; and fine with a gearing by the front knob.

  • Finetuning can be watched by a reflected picture on a milkglass screen. The numbers are reflected by a mirror system.

  • This fine scale can be corrected electrically and mechanically.

  • The both lower knobs are loudness (left) and band width (right).

  • The connectors are line (left) and headphones (right).

    Frequency ranges:
    1 .. 20 MHz, in 6 ranges

    range 1: 1.0 .. 1.92 MHz
    range 2: 1.92 .. 2.8 MHz
    range 3: 2.8 .. 4.315 MHz
    range 4: 4.315 .. 8.725 MHz
    range 5: 8.725 .. 12.0 MHz
    range 6: 12.0 .. 20.0 MHz


    Technical data:
    A3, A1 (CW)
    Antenna input:
    Frequency setting:
    Combination knob fast / slow
    and for an accurate setting an optical scale
    A1: 2 µV; A3: 4 µV.
    External power
    Field phone
    Powered by:
    2 x battery KN14 or
    PSU WS-2,5 M
    1.4 A with lighted scale
    1.15 A without lightes scale
    Active components:
    19 tubes, 2 transistors and 6 diodes
    1,5m- rod antenna
    4m- rod antenna
    12m- inclined antenna
    Complete radio set in box: 45 kg
    Receiver alone 14.7 kg
    receiver 225 x 270 x 370 mm
    PSU 150 x 120 x 150 mm
    Transport box 680 x 460 x 400 mm