Warsaw Pact Receiver

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      R-870 M







is an Air band receiver for
100 ... 149,975 MHz and
220 ... 399,975 MHz,
with a channel spacing of 25 kHz.
Its Modes are AM and FM.

There are 2 Variants:
Variant A is for common use (present);
Variant B is for use with an automatic aiming system (not present).

It is normally used with a bi- conical antenna on a 5m- mast; but any antenna with 75 Ohm can be used.

The receiver can be remote- controlled from up to a distance of 20 m. 5 rotary knobs change the frequency.
High Ohm telephons and low Ohm telephones can be connected, switchable by the switch NOT - VOT.

It can be powered by
5 primary batteries 2NKP-20 U2 or
10 rechargeable batteries NKP-20U2.
It also can be powered by mains with 127 / 220V @ 50 Hz or 115V @ 400 Hz.

A built in noise limiter switches off the receiver, when no signal is present. The limiter is deactivated momentarily by pressing the button "Kontrolle". This button, when pressed, also shows the voltage of the batteries.

It is prohibited to operate the radio while the vehicle is moving.

Frequency range:
100 ... 149.975 MHz and
220 ... 399.975 MHz


Technical data:
100 ... 149.975 MHZ: 2000
220 ... 399.975 MHz: 7200
Channel spacing:
25 kHz
AM, FM, Frequency telegraphy
75 Ohm
Operating voltage:
12.5 V by primary or secondary batteries;
127V, 220V @ 50 Hz or 115V @ 400 Hz by a PSU
26 W @ DC
70 W @ AC
With batteries 10 hrs
With AC 24 hrs.
Measurements and weight:
Reciever 380 x 280 x 150 mm; 11.5 kg
Year of issue:
? (Handbook dates from 1985)