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      R-809 M2







is a solid state AM air band transceiver for 220 ... 389.95 MHz.

The frequency is chosen by three switches, a crystal stabilized automatic frequency tuning /AFN) is built in. The first knob on the front provieds this tuning.

As a portable radio, it can be carried and operated by one man. It also can be used as a fixed station, with a PSU "Block 9" (see picture gallery).

This PSU is also used for the R-809 M2, a single switch changes the settings.

As a fixed station a disk conus antenna on a 5m- mast is used. (see picture gallery).

Other radios in the collection with the same housing are:

Air radio
Transceiver R-809 M2

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Air radio
receiver R-870

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   Link to the webpage ==>R-870<==

Frequency range:
220 ... 389.95 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
mind 1 W
Channel spacing:
50 kHz
unter 6 µV
Powered by:
? x batteries SZD-40, ? x batteries KHP-20, ? x batteries 10 KNB-60M;
PSU: 127 and 220V AC @ 50 Hz (+10% bis -20%)
Receiving 0.5 A;
Transmitting 5.5 A
Year of isue:
? (the handbook dates from 1975)