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  R-809 M2






  R-809 M2

Is a UHF- Transceiver for air bands, it can be universally powered. As a portable it can be carried and operated by one man. It can be used as fixed station - with a PSU "Block 9" (see the picture gallery).

As a fixed station a Disk conus antenna on a 5m- mast ist used (see picture gallery).
In a vehicle a frame with absorbing springs is used.

A handset or an airplane hood may be used.
Two pairs of high ohm or low ohm telephones can be connected. An automatic amplifying control, asn loudness operated by hand, are built in.

The voltages and the matching are shown by the measuring instrument on the front.

The portable loudspeaker, belonging to the radio set, is not present.

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Frequency range:
100 ... 149,975 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
mindestens 0.5 W
Channel spacing:
25 kHz
Operating mode:
Diskus konus antenna on a 5m- mast; or rod antenna
Active components:
45 transistors, 53 diodes, 3 tubes
Powered by:
2 x battery 2 KNP-20 plus 4 x battery KNP-20
or 8 x SCM-18 (with reverse polarity protection)
PSU: 127 and 220V AC @ 50 Hz (+10% to -20%)
   or 115V, 400 Hz +- 5%
Transmitting 2A
Receiving 0.5 A
Measurements and weight:
Transceiver 308 x 158 x 218 mm; 9.0 kg
PSU (Block 9) 314 x 217 x 165 mm, 12.5 kg
Year of issue: