Modern Era FM Backpack Portables

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  PRC-119; RT-1439





All American Backpack- Radios from their beginning (1938) till 1990 are in the collection. The chart can be used as quick navigation between the radios.


SCR-194/ BC-222 (BC-322)

SCR-300/ BC-1000

RT-174/ PRC-8/9/10//A

US Backpacks


RT-505/ PRC-25

RT-841/ PRC-77

RT-1439/ PRC-119 RT-1523/PRC-119


  SINCGARS = Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System
  ICOM = Integrated COMSEC;
  COMSEC = COMmunications SECurity
  ALICE = All-purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
  FH = Frequency Hopping
  SC = Single Channel (Einzelkanal)
  RT = Receiver Transmitter


In the Vietnam- and Post-Vietnam-Era PRC-25 and PRC-77 were used (also as mobile versions); in addition to the VRC-12 series. All of them could be jammed very easily:
At switched on 150-Hz tone squelch the radios stay in receive mode, no matter who transmits the tone.
Using a fixed channel, (FC) it can be found and jammed quickly.


That is why the SINCGARS - system was chosen for the next generation radio.
SINCGARS radios use frequency hopping (FH) over the complete tactical band of 30 to 87.975 MHz ( 2.320 channels). The operating frequency is changed 100 times per second.
Using SC mode, SINCGARS radios are compatible with their predecessors of the VRC series and the PRC-77 - and can be jammed as easily.

The basic set of all SINCGARS- variants is the (Receiver-Transmitter) RT-1523 or RT-1439.

The RT-1523 has built-in COMSEC- circuits; the RT-1439 uses an external COMSEC device.

The collection holds a:


The radio can be used either in frequency hopping mode(FH) , or in single channel mode (SC). It is compatible with all tactical (also older) radios of the US forces and their allies. It has a built in whisper mode.

The predecessor PRC-77 could transmit a data signal of 16 kbit / sec., but not a PC- compliant signal. Singcars- radios have an audio/data- input plug for synchronic und asynchronic data modes up to 16 kbit /sek.

An integrated self test shows faulty circuits.

is one of the battery boxes for the Sincgar series. Two parallel batteries BA-5590 are used for the voltage of 12V.
Two outside contacts connect the main block to the remote control unit (Remote Control Unit - RCU) C-11561. This unit C-11561 looks similar to the RT-1439; both use the same battery box.

Additional items are used to equip the RT due to its needs:
Mounting MT-6352, Mounting adapter AM-7239, HF- amplifier AM-7238. et. Special braodband antennas are used, that do not need to be matched.
Addition items are: Loudspeaker, programmers for FH, remote control sets, and more.

The assembled radio sets are::


(here with RT-1439 main block): RT-1439, battery box with battery, handset, portable antenna, and ALICE-Pack.

is the simple mobile radio and consists of: RT, mounting, mounting adapter, mobile antenna, handset and cabling.

is a VRC-87, with all additional parts that form a PRC-119. The RT can be removed, and a battery, battery box, portable antenna ans ALICE-pack form a PRC-119.

is the retransmit- version of the AN/VRC-87. A second RT, a HF amplifier, a mobile antenna and a handset are added.

is a VRC-87 with HF amplifier.

is an AN/VRC-90 with all parts needed, so that you can take out the RT and put together a manpack (PRC-119).

is an AN/VRC-89 with second HF amplifier. So both RT can be used at maximum range.

The versions for use in aeroplanes are optically different from the above mentionned radios; technically they are not different. There are three version; all of them can not be remote controlled.

is the basic version.

has a second operation front, and can ba built in apart from the pilot's place. This version can be used as retransmit radio.

can transmit data of 600 and 1200 Baud.

Frequency range:
30 .. 87.975 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
500µW; 160mW; 4W
200 .. 400 m; 400 m .. 5 km; 5 km .. 10 km
Channel spacing:
25 kHz or tunable
Frequency control:
Operational mode:
Single channel (SC) or frequency hopping (FH)
Offset for SC:
+ 5 kHz, + 10 kHz
6 for FH, 8 for SC
0.35 µV
Audio frequency:
300 .. 3000 Hz
Data transmission:
75, 150, 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 16000 bps, AD1, AD2
H-250 or
Handset C-12493/U : HRCRD (Handheld Remote Control Radio Device:
This handset operates the radio without the need to set it down.
AS-3638, AS-4266
Battery voltage:
13.5 V (nominal 15 V)
Power consumption:
3,25 A transmitting, 225 mA receiving
Doenward- compatible to:
VRC-12 series and PRC-77
Issued from: