Modern Era FM Backpack Portables

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is an FM backpack for the tactical band, developed and built by Tadiran (Israel). The radios in the collection were built under license in Belgium by SAIT.

PRC80 was used by the Belgium "Rijkswacht", a police force with military tasks. This paramilitary unit was disbanded in 2000.

Between 30 and 88 MHz, 11 channels can be programmed as fixed channels or for frequency hopping. Channel spacing is 25 kHz, but an offset of 5 or 10 kHz can be switched above or below the frequency used.
The radio has an LCD- display and is programmed by a keypad.
HF output is 250 mW or 4 W, the voltage needed is 12 V.

A built in test equipment shows its result on the LCD- display.

The Transceiver RT-3088 is used throughout the modular system.
With all its accessories it can be used as part of the electronic warfare. Voice encryption, frequency hopping, and digital Comsec- options are possible. (COMSEC = Secure communication by encrypting informations, so that they are unreadable by an unauthorized listener).

PRC-80 as a backpack consists of:

  • RT-3088 Transceiver
  • AU-4088 Portable audio unit with battery box
  • AT-888 Short antenna for portable use
  • AT-288 Braod band long antenna for portable use
  • H-189/GR Handset

    VRC-8000 is the configuration for vehicle use:
  • RT-3088 Transceiver
  • VAU-6088 Audio- unit with 24-V power supply, loudspeaker amplifier and interface to the vehicular system.
  • AM-5088 50W RF amplifier
  • H-189/GR Handset.

    Frequency range:
    30 ... 87.975 MHz


    Technical data:
    RF Power:
    PRC-80: 0.25 or 4 W
    VRC-8000: 0.2, 3.5 or 50 W
    Fixed or frequency hopping channels:
    Channel spacing:
    25 kHz
    Data transmission:
    till up to 16 kbit/s
    Powered by:
    12V Battery
    24V with VAU-6088 Audio unit
    9.1 kg (complete manpack)
    260 x 380 x 80 mm