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  PRC 6/6







The " banana "
might be the probably most well-known of these old devices, also called " the forerunner of the Handys ". PRC-6/6 is a German Development from the American PRC 6. Today, there are no longer batteries for this set. A relatively rare converter, operated by mono cells is however available. Hint: Seeing is buying!

  PRC 6/6

is a portable radio of small output for communication over short distances. Operating mode is F3, type of modulation is FM.
It can work together with: RT-68, RT-70, PRC-10, R-110 .
It can be used with or without telephone handset.

Frequency range:

47... 54.4 MHz.
6 of any given channels can be selected by replacement of an xtal and retrimming from 85 channels. They must at least be 100 kHz apart.

Here you find the battery testset: AN/PSM-13

Here you find: modern power supplies

A chart shows the mobile and portable radios that can work together and the frequencies;

Link to the chart:

 The "bananas" in the collection


Technical data:

Mass + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 37.5 x 12.1 x 10.8 cm, 2.2 kg.
Transmitting power
250 mW
Frequency departure:
+ - 15 kHz.
under 1,0 UV with signal-to-noise ratio 20 dB
Type of modulation, operating mode
FM, F3
Parts of the radio:
Radio, telephone handset H-33 E/pt.
Battery BA-270/U; Voltages: +1,5 V, -4,5V, +45 V, +90 V,

Alignment after inserting new crystals