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   SE-103; AP-3053






Telefunken (Switzerland) built the portable radio AP 3053.
It was introduced into the Swiss Army as "Kleinfunkgerät SE-103".

   The   Kleinfunkgerät SE-103 (Small radio SE-103)

is a portable HF- radio with AM mode. It is a telephony only radio. The frequency is crystal controlled. It is used to communicate down to group level.

The range can be 3 km by day, and 2 km by night.

One channel can be chosen by changing a channel insert; a spare insert is in the bottom of the radio. By inserting the channel insert, the radio is completely tuned. (The BC-611, for example, when a channel was changed, had to be tuned in the depot).

The channel inserts are nemed by letters. I could not find out, how many inserts were used for the working frequency of 1.6 to 7.5 MHz.

The radio uses an anode battery of 103.5V, and a filament battery of 1.5 V, just like the other Swiss small radio, the SE-100, or FOX. -- or the BC-611.

It can be carried on the sholder, on the back, or in front of the chest. Carries before the chest, it ia sleo called Iron Bra ...

The headset consists of headphones and a throat microphone. When not in use, the headset is stored in a small canvas bag (existing), attached to the radio.
The antenna, when not in use, is stored in a small golf bag. This golf bag is mentioned in the manual. There is no picture of it, and it is not existing in the collection.

Other radios, closely related to the SE-103:

Switzerland partly imported the
   American handy portable BC-611 [ <-click ],

Partly it built it itself, both were called "Kleinfunkgerät SE 100" or "FOX":
   Kleinfunk-Gerät SE-100 or "FOX" [ <- click ] :

BC-611 and FOX (Both HF-radios) use the same anode- and filament- batteries.

The SE-103, too, uses the same batteries. Also the shape of the housing shows that it obviously is closely related to the BC-611 and FOX.

Batteries for these old radios are no loanger available. But there are modern converters. The converter shown here (for BC-611, SE-100 and SE-103) is built by

Pietro Noto. More details: HERE

Frequency range:
1.6 ... 7.5 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
0.2 W
1 (can be changed)
Possible channles (channel inserts):
not known
Powered by:
filament battery LSA 10001, 1.5V
anode battery LSA 10103, 103,5 V
Operating time:
frequently used: 15 to 20 hrs
short-term use: 20 to 30 hrs
5.1 kg ; with batteries and headset
Year of issue: