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PRC 6/6: Alignment after inserting new crystals.


 Computing needed crystals:

47 to 55,4 MHz as working frequencies are possible.
Crystals of 35,62 to 44,02 MHZ can be used.
The difference crystal frequency / working frequency is 11,38 MHz.
  • 35,62 (crystal frequency) +11,38 (difference) adds up to a channel frequency of 47 MHz.
  • 44,02 + 11,38 adds up to a channel frequency of 55,4 MHz.
    Before aligning:  When you want to align channel one, insert crystal in crystal place 1; channel # 1 must be seen in the channel window.

    PICTURE 1  You can use the Channel Alignment Indicator "ID-292/PRC-6/6".
    PICTURE 2  Use the four-cornered screw with the red dot to make a course adjustment of the frequency..
    PICTURE 3  Use this scale for alignment. All the mechanical parts are tuned- no other parts must be tuned.
    In case of a 43,42 MHz- crystal you tune to the channel frequency of 54,8 MHz (43,42 + 11,38 MHz) . So the scale of picture 3 is tuned to 54.8 ( when the crystal is 43,42 MHz ). An exact tuning is not possible- the scale is too small.
    Switch on the PRC-6/6. Press PTT and turn the screw in picture 2 slowly left or right, until:
    When you use a field strength meter, turn to max field strength;
    when you use the ID-292/PRC-6/6, tune to max. anode current.
    PICTURE 4 The Channel Alignment Indicator ID-292/PRC-6/6 is connected like this.
    connected ID-292/PRC-6/6
    PICTURE 5 Here you see the tools belonging to the ID-292/PRC-6/6. (also the alignment screwdriver with four inner corners for the screw in picture 2).