Korean War era Portables

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All American Backpack- Radios from their beginning (1938) till 1990 are in the collection. The chart can be used as quick navigation between the radios.


SCR-194/ BC-222 (BC-322)

SCR-300/ BC-1000

RT-174/ PRC-8/9/10//A

US Backpacks


RT-505/ PRC-25

RT-841/ PRC-77

RT-1439/ PRC-119 RT-1523/PRC-119

  AN/PRC -8, -9, -10

are portable manpack FM transceivers for tanks -, artillery- and infantry units. They can be used either mobile or stationary; in planes or vehicles.

  • PRC-8 (20 .. 27.9 MHz) was meant for Armour,
  • PRC-9 (27 .. 38.9 MHz) was meant for Artillery and
  • PRC-10 (38 .. 54.9 MHz) for Infantry.

    The forces can communicate by using the overlapping frequencies.

    Relay station operation (also unattended) is possible; they can be operated remotely, and a homing use is also possible. They look alike, only differ in frequency range.

    You still can get empty originally used batteries (e.g. for the setting up of a power pack). There are however (rare) insertable power supplies, operated on 12 V.

  • Versions PRC-8A, PRC-9A and PRC-10A
       have a flat front and 4 IF-amplifiers AM-427A/U (U101 to U104);
  • (An English version of PRC-10A belongs to the collection)
       (see picture gallery)

  • Versions PRC-8, PRC-9 and PRC-10
       have the better known step front and 5 IF- amplifiers AM-427/U
       (U101 to U105).

    ( Examples shown in the Picture Gallery).

    Frequency ranges:

    PRC-8: 20... 27.9 MHz, 1.2 W
    PRC-9: 27.0... 38.9 MHz, 1.0 W
    PRC-10: 38.0... 54.9 MHz, 0.9 W

    A co-operation is possible with:
    PRC-8: RT-66, R-108
    PRC-9: RT-67, R-109
    PRC-10: RT-68, RT-70, R-110, BC-1000.

    Here you find the battery testset AN/PSM-13

    A chart shows the mobile and portable radios that can work together and their frequencies ==>

    Link to the chart:


    Technical data:

    Mass + weights:
    Radio: L/b/h: 290 x 76 x 242 mm; 11.8 kg.
    Transmitting power
    0.9... 1.2 W
    5 - 20 km.
    under 0,5 UV
    Sections of the radio:
    Radio, stretcher belt, bag with Antennas + antenna base + hand set
    Power supply AM-598/U
    Remote control box record GRA-6
    Directional antennas AT-339/PRC and AT-340/PRC
    Mast antenna RC-292
    Battery BA-279/U:
    +1,5 V, -6 V,
    +67,5 V, +135 V (from two batteries each 67.5 with central connection)