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is the transceiver of the HF radio-set UK/VRC-321, belonging to the
* Clansman- radio series.

It is a modern solid state radio with narrow CW- filter.

It was developed and built by von MEL Communications Ltd © for use as a mobile or fixed station.

Frequencies are switched by decade switches.

It is mainly intended to be used as SSB- Groundwave- Station, with a ATU RF-25-W (TURF 24-W) and a 4m- rod antenna.

It is watertight till a water depth of 1.5 m ...

Together with a 250W- amplifier and ATU "TURF" the radio set is called UK/VRC-322 .

Accessories in the collection for the Clansman- Series are:
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The Clansman- series
was used by the British Army from 1976 to 2010.
It should provide communication between headquarters and fighting forces. It consists of 9 (or 10) radios and their accessories. (The PRC-350, in some sources. is not mentioned under "Clansman").
The radios are:

HF radios:
  • UK/PRC 316
  • UK/PRC 319
  • UK/PRC 320
  • UK/VRC 321
  • UK/VRC 322

    Tactical band radios:
  • UK/PRC 349
  • UK/PRC 350
  • UK/PRC 351/352
  • UK/VRC 353

    UHF- radio:
  • UK/PRC 344

    Frequency range:
    1.8 .. 30 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    5W, 40 W @ SSB
    25W @ CW
    Frequency step:
    100 Hz
    SSB. AM, CW
    20 .. 32 V
    Power consumption:
    Receiving 30 W
    Transmitting 140 W
    Measurements and weight:
    B 230 x H 220 D 336; 26 kg