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  BCC-349 (NATO nomenclature PRC-349)

is a simplex handheld transceiver, built in Great Britain by RACAL as part of the "Clansman" series. In Britain it is called UK/PRC-349.
It may be carried on the shoulder, on the back,on the breast or on the belt, a lot of different straps were supported.
There are different versions covering a 10 MHz band in the frequency range from 30 to 76 MHz.
In 1979 a license was sold to Spain. Great Britain and Spain exported large quantities. Numerous BCC-349 were seized during
"Operation Desert Storm". They most probably come from both countries.

Other captured radios from "Operation Desert Storm:

PRC-439 PRC-638 TRA-906 TRA-967 R-143

Existing accessories for the Clansman- Series are:
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The Clansman- series
was used by the British Army from 1976 to 2010.
It should provide communication between headquarters and fighting forces. It consists of 9 (or 10) radios and their accessories. (The PRC-350, in some sources. is not mentioned under "Clansman").
The radios are:

HF radios:
  • UK/PRC 316
  • UK/PRC 319
  • UK/PRC 320
  • UK/VRC 321
  • UK/VRC 322

    Tactical band radios:
  • UK/PRC 349
  • UK/PRC 350
  • UK/PRC 351/352
  • UK/VRC 353

    UHF- radio:
  • UK/PRC 344

    Frequency range:
    37 ... 46.975 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    0.25, 0,50, 1 W
    Frequency control:
    Channel spacing:
    25 kHz
    F3E narrow band FM
    rubber antenna, whip antenna, wire antenna
    Powered by:
    12 V; Batteries, cells, car battery etc.
    Year of issue: