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  Skanti TRP 8255 S
      Barrett 950






  Skanti TRP 8255 S


Transceivers TRP 8255 S were built by Skanti (Denmark) as professionel Navy radios.

Plessey used them in radio containers under the name of Plessey 8255 as part of a semi automatic Communication systems for the GB Army.

The coputer systems of the radio containers (not the radios themselves) proved to be notoriously unreliable, so this communication system finally was scrapped.
That is why the high-quality transceivers are sold with very few operational hours. (This radio was used for 10 hours).

The components are:
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  • There are 2 separate LED displays for transmit and receive frequency.
  • 76 frequency pairs can be programmed.
  • The radio can scan and can be remote controlled.
  • It can be operated in semiduplex mode (alternating transmitting and receiving on the same frequency or
  • in duplex mode (simultaneous transmitting and receiving on different frequencies).

    All operational steps are entered via the keyboard.

    Frequency steps can be 10 hz, 100Hz, or 1 kHz , likewise any different frequency step can be chosen by the operator.

    Operational element
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    Usually the operational element is screwed to the top of the transceiver.
    There are far kmore possibilities to operate the radio:, for example.:
  • Operation as a stand olone radio;
  • Remote control by computer via telephone line;
  • remote control only by telephone line;
  • Remote control by remote operational element.

  • PSU P 8250 (optional)
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    The PSU can use 110, 120, 220 or 240V AC. It provides the
    32 V DC needed for the transceiver.

    Due to Jane's, Juli 2005, ** this radio was

    ** used in the Communications system TR 8000 of the Danish Navy.
    This system was sold to the
  • Navy of Great Britain ,Ireland, Australia, Singapur and Italy.
    It also was used by the
  • Italian Army and the
  • Norwegian a Portuguese Coast Guard; also by the
  • Italian and Spanish Airforce.

    More than 14.000 units were produced.

    Frequency range:
    Transmitter 1.6 .. 30 MHz
    Receiver 10 kHz .. 30 MHz
    (10 kHz to 100 kHz at reduced sensitivity)


    Technical data:
    RF- output:
    250, 60, 10 W
    CW, MCW, AM, LSB, USB, R3E
    Frequency generation:
    Sensitivity at a 50 Ohm antenna:
    1.6 .. 30 MHz : 0.8µV at 10 dB
    Memory channels:
    76 Frequency pairs
    AF output:
    5 W @ 8 Ohm
    Operational unit 4.5 Kg
    Transceiver 26 Kg
    ATU 5.7 Kg (not present)
    PSU 17 Kg
    Transceiver powered by:
    12, 24 or 32V DC
    or by optional external PSU P 8250 (present)
    from 50W (receive)
    to 640W (CW- mode)
    Operaional element: 4 kg
    Transceiver: 26 kght
    PSU: 17 kg