Modern Era Mobile USB Set

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      Skanti TRP 8255S







is a mobile or fixed HF radio, issued in 1967. It was built in the USA by General Dynamics and also built under license in Israel by Tadiran.
The radio in the collection has German nameplates, it is not known where it was built.

The radio set consists of:

  • RT-834 / GRC-106-G4, receiver and exciter and
  • AM-3349 / GRC-106-G4, linear amplifier.

    The exciter provides 100 mW, amplified to 200 W (CW, FSK) and 400 W (USB).

    The radio is solid state , except the two final valves 4CX350A.

    Modes are CW and USB. So HAMs can work still enough bands above 10 MHz.

    A crystal oven provides highest frequency stability. Frequences are switched in 1-kHz-steps. A Vernier fine tuning allows tuning the receiver +- 600 Hz.

    A turret, driven by a servo motor in each part of the radio set is used to change frequencies. The turret in the linear is driven by signals from the receiver.

    A 15 feet rod antenna and a dipole antenna belong to the radio set (see picture gallery).

    The only disadvantage is the power consumption: RT-834 needs 10 Ampere, AM-3349 even needs 40 Ampere @ 27V.

    Frequency range:
    2.0 ... 29.999 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    200 W (CW, FSK)
    400 W (USB)
    50 W (tune)
    USB, CW, FSK
    Frequency control:
    Channel spacing:
    0.1 kHz
    Receive bandwith:
    3200 Hz (crystal fliter)
    Powered by:
    27 V, 50 A