Modern SSB Radios

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      Skanti TRP 8255 S
      Codan 9360







is a short wave transceiver built by the Australian company Barrett.

It is used to establish contact over vast distances under difficult conditions, for example on board of offroad vehicles, vessels or planes. A variety of users operate it, like the government, private organisations and private persons.

The radio is built as base station or as mobile radio.
It is built into a strong, corrosian resistant aluminium housing, using big heat dissipating capabilities.

Additional features are (examples): Selcal, GPS- receiver, voice scrambler for secure operation, and ALE.

It can be adapted to all needs by a large range of mobile and base station antennas, HF fax and data modems, automatic connection to the telephone net and much more.

Modes are J3E (LSB and USB); AM, CW, AFSK. An optional 500Hz filter is available for CW, Sitor, Pactor I or Pactor II.

When connected to a GPS antenna, help messages with GPS coordinates can be sent using selcal; The GPS position can be called up by another 950.

If the radio is left unattended, it automatically returns to the scan funktion; and can rerceive messages on any channel.

A BITE (Built In Test Equipment) is added to provide field diagnostics.

The VSWR of the antenna is displayed.

The radio can be programmed as well as from the front, as from a PC equipped with programming software. After programming, the radio can be "cloned" using a Barrett clone cable.

The clarifier works in receive mode only. Any frequency in all modes can be tuned very quickly. Pressing PTT returns to the last chosen channel.

The display is a temperature compensated LCD display with adjustable background illumination for operation at night.

450 individual channels are field or computer programmable,
for example with:

  • Different receive and transmit frequencies;
  • Different modes;
  • Visual display of channel use;
  • Member od scan table 1 or 2;
  • High or low power;
  • Antenna socket 1 or 2 in use;
  • Format of selective call: all derivates used today can be selected.

    The BARRETT 950 has ony a restricted use as HAM radio, since it originally uses channels only.

    The clarifier is for receive only. You can chose any frequency very fast by using it. By pressing PTT, the radio falls back to the channel that was used.

    An eprom with feeescroll- options (see picture gallery) fixes this HAM problem. The transmitter follows the receiver, with a clarifier- resolution of 1 Hz. Using this eprom, the 950 is an excellent HAM radio.

    Transmit: 1.6 MHz .. 30 MHz continuous
    Receive: 500 kHz .. 30 MHz continuous


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    125 W
    up to 450 simplex or semi- duplex; in 2 scan tables
    Frequency resolution:
    In program mode 10 Hz
    In tunable mode 1 Hz
    J3E (LSB and USB); AM, CW, AFSK
    0.25 µV @ 10 dB
    Audio output:
    4 W @ 4 Ohm; 2 W @ 8 Ohm
    Current consumption:
    Standby 840 mW
    Transmit 9 A at speach
    Transmit 15 A at two tone
    Operational voltage:
    12 V; protected against high voltage and reversed polarity
    Dimensions and weight:
    245 x 330 x 75 mm; 3.7 kg