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is a compact homing antenna for PRC-25 and PRC-77. It also can be used for other radios in the tactical band.
It is for reception only, and cannot be used to transmit.

There are three operational elements. The

  • Bandswitch is the frequency control switch in MHz steps; the
  • Finetune knob is used to tune to the exact frequency; the
  • Attenuator is used to tune the received signal to a medium value.

    The loop antenna is used to receive the signal, the telescoping whip antenna is used to find the direction of the signal.
    To find the azimuth of the signal, a compass can be used.

  • Swing loop up.
  • Connect AT-1082 to the radio (BNC- plug on the lower side).
  • Set attenuator to zero, bandswitch and finetune to transmitting
  • Rotate antenna in eye hight; you receive two maximum responses
       180 apart.
  • Use finetune to tune the exact frequency. If the signal is too strong,
       advance attenuator to a higher number.
  • Extend whip.
  • Rotate antenna,- one of the maximum responses is stronger now.
  • "Signal max arrow" on the antenna case points toward transmitter.
  • Retract whip.
  • Rotate antenna 1/4 turn to signal null position. Now you have an
       accurate bearing indication.

    Frequency range:
    30 ... 70 MHz