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      R-123 M
  R-130 M







is a HF transceiver, following R-104 M und R-112 . It was used in cars and armored vehicles.
There are different versions, known to me are:
R-130 und R-130 M .
The radio operated here is:

R-130 M

Parts of the set are called:

  • R-130 M (Transceiver)
  • TE-260 (Transverter) und
  • R130 WSU-A (Antenna tuner)

    Nameplates of the components are:
  • R-130 M-1 (Transceiver)
  • R-130 M-2 (Transverter) and
  • R-130 M-3 (Antenna tuner)

    The transverters are not compatible to the different transceivers. They also are different from the outside:
    The transverter to R-130 has 4 transistors on the side, the transverter TE-260 for R-130 M has 8 transistors =>

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    You can find two versions of the antenna tuner. Both are meant for HF and UHF, for instance when working together with R-123.

    Here you see the
    Antenna matcher R130-M-3 .
    Tuners built after 1987 even have a built-in fake antenna: The antenna output is connected to the fake antenna and SWR is tuned to maximum.
    The tuner is ideal for HAM use.

    R-130 M-3

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    Frequency range: 1.500 ... 10.999 kHz


    Technical data:

    Frequency ranges:
    Range 1: 1,500... 1.990th kHz
    Range 2: 2.000... 2,990 kHz
    Range 3: 3,000... 3,990 kHz
    Range 4: 4,000... 4,990 kHz
    Range 5: 5,000... 5,990 kHz
    Range 6: 6,000... 6,990 kHz
    Range 7: 7,000... 7,990 kHz
    Range 8: 8,000... 8,990 kHz
    Range 9: 9,000... 9,990 kHz
    Range 10: 10,000... 10,990 kHz
    The frequencies are switched, also can be tuned in the 10-kHz range.
    Transmitting power:
    12 to 40 Watts
    Operating modes:
    AÁ, A3H, A1, F1 (F1 only in transmit-mode).
    Depending on antenna 20 to 350 km.
    Frequency departure (F1):
    500 cycles per second
    Power supply: 26 V:
    Transverter TE-260 with 8 transistors.
    Power input:
    Transmitting 14 A
    Receipving 4 A
    Parts of the station R-130
    Radio, Antenna tuner, Tranverter, power supply cable, 4-m-rod antenna, 10-m-mast, dipole antenna, long wire antenna, accessories.