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  IK-2 is a

Portable Measuring instrument  for checking and measuring UHF  radios within the range of 20... 52 MHz. Comparing the age of the device the models R-105d to R-109d and R-105m to R-109m can be repaired. Successor of IK 1.

Accessories, mass, weights
HF antenna ammeter A1, a2, A3 (see picture), output meters (see picture), multiple meter, bags with accessories and tools. L/b/h: 480 x 230 x 280 mm. IK 2: 18 kg. Bags: 6.5 kg. Wooden box with the entire set: 45 kg.


Application IK 2 alone (accessories extend these applications):

FM measuring generator
Oszillator frequency 20... 52 MHz (3 areas). Frequency departure 5kHz and 7kHz, switchable, Modulstion frequency 1000 cycles per second.
Quartz calibration generator
Distance of the calibration points of 20---52 MHz is 1 MHz.
Frequency meter
1... 50 kHz in 4 subranges, sensitivity under 1 UV.
Frequency departure meter
Measuring range 3... 15 kHz, frequency spacing of the measurements 1 MHz.
Vacuum tube voltmeter
Measuring range DC 5 V, 50 V, 250 V. Eigangswiderstand 2 MOhm
Audio generator
Spot frequency 1000 cycles per second, output voltage by 75 ohms: 1... 1000 mVs adjustable.