Korean War era Portables

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- where C stands for Canada - PRC-26
was used similar to the American PRC-6 There are PRC-26 A to F, signifying different combinations of channels.
The same crystals as in the American PRC-6 are used.

is a vacuum tube meter, especially designed for the CPRC-26. Built in a bakelite case, it has several functions:
  • When connecting battery and radio, (cables are included), it measures battery voltage and power consumption.
  • As vacuum tube meter it has a self test function.
  • A built-in cable with plug can be plugged in the chassis to measure several data needed for alignment:
    AFC test
    Tune RF
    Tune MO
    Tune PA
  • A built in 7 pin tube socket allows testing of the tubes.
      Tester CTS-3/PRC
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    Frequency range:
    47 ... 57 MHz


    Technical data:
    Output power:
    300 mW.
    Consumption (transmitting):
    850 mA at 1.5v, 8 mA at 45v, 30 mA at 90v.
    Consumption (receiving):
    550 mA at 1,5v, 12 mA at 45v, 3 mA at 90v.