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      CPRC 26








is a non- tactical portable, used by the US coast guard.
It is a portable VHF FM transceiver, adopted from the Motorola Model Z23BAC1001AR by the US Treasury Department.

The US Treasury department was parent of the Coast Guard *. That is why
a) the anchor symbol can be seen on the radio; and
b) both parties are mentioned on the name plate.

It uses a handset and is carried in a canvas bag, made shockproof by rubber inlays.
It uses a fully transistorized receiver, and a hybrid transmitter.

[ * : The Coast Guard is now part of the Department of Homeland Security. ]

The radios is identical (also in color) to the PRC-61/RT-693 used by the Navy except:
- Frequency range (130 .. 152 MHz),
- Use of a microfone and internal loudspeaker.

" There have been a number of non-tactical portables used over the years. For the most part, these have been commercially available units (i.e. Motorola, Comco, Repco, Bendix, etc.) provisioned by the services for use all over the globe, and operating generally in the NBFM mode within some part of, or all of one of the
following bands:
30-50 MHz, or 132-174 MHz, or 406-470 MHz.

Additional AN/PRC-xxx nomenclatures known to fall in this category are the
PRC-23, 24, 29, 39, 46, 55, 56, 58, 59, 61, 97, 101, and 129.
Unfortunately, except for the PRC-127, information on this class of portables is sometimes scarce. "
( " " by Alan Tasker, WA1NYR )

Frequency range:
152 .. 174 MHz


Technical data:
HF output:
1 W
2, crystal controlled
1/4 whip 2AD6021A
Can be carried:
by carry strap LN6024A or
carrying bag ZLN6025A
Voltages needed:
6 V /26 mA
1.5 V /875 mA
67.5 & 130 V / 55 mA.
also external 6 or 12 V with transistorised inverter;
also 110V power supply
Year of issue: