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      UM 2
   UM 3
      R-118 BM 3






  UM 3

is a HF amplifier, intended for amplifying radios of low power R 105 D, R 108 D, R 109 D and R 114. Also other radios of low power  can be amplifyed.
It is not portable as e.g UM-1 or UM-2 but consists of two single parts, the power supply and the radio.

Frequency range:
20.0... 46.1 MHz,   divided in three ranges.


Technical data:
Mass + weights:
L/b/h: 240 x 165 x 200 mm, 4.1 kgs.
Transmitting power
50 Watts.
Rated voltage
11.. 13 V.
Power supply
either by 2 batteries 5NKN45 or by car battery.
Power consumption
19 A.
Actual working time (batteries):
8 hrs with a transmission/receiving relation 1:3,