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      R-128, R-254






  The directional radio R-407

operates  simplex on one frequency or  duplex  on separate transmitting and receiving frequencies (distance 4 MHz) at F3. Link of a telephone,  remote control and relay operation is possible.
It is called "directional radio" even though it almost never used a directional antenna. The antenna designed for the R-407 is
R-845M-4, a groundplane antenna on a 5-meter-mast.
Frequency range:

52... 60 MHz


Technical data:

Frequency spacing
50 kHz
Transmitting power
1 Watt.
with 1,3-m Kulikoff antenna: 3 to 4 km
With 11-m-Mast: 20 km
2 St. 2NKN24
Actual working time with one set of batteries:
12 Std. transmitting/receiving 1: 3.
What belongs to the radio:
Radio, head set, Kulikoff antenna, radio operator's bag.