Search And Rescue Radios ( Sorted chronologically )

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      MR 506
   PG 128






  PG 128

is the test set for SAR radio MR-506 .
The radio and the test set were built by "Becker Flugfunkwerk" .

Measuring the parameters is very simple: the instrument has a red and a green range. Measuring green = ok.

A short operating procedure is to be found in the lid (see picture gallery.

Technical data:

Powered by:
110 or 220 V ~
What can be tested:
Receiver sensitivity
HF- output
Frequency exactness
Modulation ( Speech )
Modulation ( Beacon signal )
Selftest of the test set
Provided Accessories:
Special screwdriver for the battery screws;
Cable antenna socket/ antenna input of the test set;
Power cable.