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  MR 506
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is a German solid state SAR Transceiver and beacon, built by "Becker Flugfunkwerk". It is part of the equipment of ships and planes to locate personell in distress.

  • A magnetic pin is pulled out, switching on the radio.
  • The beacon can be switched on/off by the "Ein/AUS" -switch.

    At bailout a magnetic pin is pulled out automatically, a reed contact switches on the radio and the beacon. The beacon is switched on automatically, since the pin holds the switch for the beacon in the on position.
    Operated as beacon, a tone oscillating between 300 and 1000 hertz is sent two times a second.

    Example 1: Pin still inserted: Radio (beacon and SAR- transceiver) switched off.
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    Beacon signal is switched on (first automatically or later by hand):

    Example 2: Pin removed = transceiver on;
    Switch "EIN": beacon switched on.

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    Beacon signal can be switched off:

    Example 3: Pin removed = transceiver on;
    Switch "AUS": beacon switched off.

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    When the beacon signal is switched "EIN", (see example 2) pressing PTT to send or receive, the beacon signal is interrupted as long as the PTT is pressed.
    PTT always returns to the neutral (beacon) position.

    The collection holds two different radios:
  • One is a training radio, it works on the training frequency 245.1. MHz
  • One is a Navy SAR Radio, it works on the SAR frequency 243 MHz.

    The test set for this radio:
    Test Set PG 128 is part of the collection.

    Technical data:

    Training radio: 245.1 MHz training frequency
    SAR: 243 MHz
    A2, A3
    100 km at search plane altitude 3000 m.
    built-in Lithium, 16.8V, 1.6 Ah
    Other specs:
    May be switched on at bailout or by hand.