Korean War Era Portables

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  AM-598 / U

is the mobile vibrator power supply for PRC-8, PRC-9, und PRC-10. With 24 V input, it provides all the necessary voltages. It contains a NF- amplifier for a 600-Ohm- loudspeaker.

  • An internal selector switch changes the settings for
  • PRC-8, PRC-9, PRC-10 or PRC-8A, PRC-9A, PRC-10A

    Main difference:
  • PRC-8, -9, -10: have 5 IF- Amplifiers AM-427/U (U101 to U105)
  • PRC-8A, -9A, -10A: have 4 IF- amplifiers AM-427A/U (U101 to U104)
    Only the English handbook showed this difference.

    CY-744 A/PRC is the French version of a mobile power supply. It is attached below the transceiver, like the battery box.

    CY-744 A/PRC,

    Accessories for Prc-8, -9, -10 in the museum:

    Control set GRA-6 consisting in Remote Control C-433/GRC and Local control C-434/GRC.

    Power supply, For portable reasons and substituting the anode battery, this French set provides all necessary voltages from a 12 V battery.

    Relais cable CX-1961/U, A relais using two PRC-x can be built; two handsets can be connected to the cable..

    Antenna set RC-292 It is a mast with an adjustable groundplane antenna.

    Bag CW-216/PR with accessories: Handset, short antenna, long antenna mit foot;.

    Carrying harness ST-120/PR-GY