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  R-33 M

was built in 1990 in Bulgaria for the Warsaw Pact. It should replace the R-392, but it was issued no more.

It was meant for members of the GRU (military news agency) and Speznaz (special units).

A wooden case contains the complete station. Three batteries belong to the set, providing a long uptime.

Two different antennas belong to the set: a Kulikoff, and a short thick antenna, very unusual in this shape.

The case also contains a carrying appliance, a headset, a manual with schematics, and papers for maintenance.

The type of charger is not mentioned.

Frequency range:
30 ... 79.9875 MHz


Technical data:
HF- output:
2 or 1 W
Frequency steps:
25 kHz
1 µV
Power consumption:
Transmitting 200 mA, receiving 100 mA