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  FS 5000 (HARPOON)






  The field station FS 5000M (also known as "HARPOON")

was developed in the 80s by AEG-Telefunken © in Germany. It was meant for "stay-behind-organisations". In case of an invasion, military groups stay in the country, they report the goings-on, do reconnaisance or sabotage.
The complete system together with the base station BS-5000, is called SY-5000.

The field station FS 5000M is the portable part of the telecommunication equipment, here with batteries BA 5001 M. Encrypted signals can be received from or sent to the base station BS 7010.

All modules are connected by spezial connectors, then they are locked mechanically, forming a solid unit.

When locked, the following operational elements are accessible:

  • Connectors for long wire antenna
  • Connector fpr counterweight
  • Battery compartment
  • Display and keyboard of the memory
  • Loudness control
  • Connector for the ear plug
  • Sealed frequency normal (for servicing)

    The station FS-5000 is a modular radio, and consists of the following modules:

    S 5000M
    Transmitter S 5000M Transmitter unit (lower module) and ATU (upper module) ; are coupled by connectors , and screwed together.

    E 5000m
    Receiver E 5000M (receiver part and synthesizer); is powered from the transmitter.

    Double module OSU (up) and battery charger (down)

    SR 5000M
    Memory unit SR 5000M: usually powered from the station. When disconnected from the station, built in (not rechargeable) Lithiumbatteries take over . So the unconnected memory unit can be used to enter or issue data. Up to 10 texts can be entered, encrypted and stored. Received texts are decrypted and issued.

    VK 5000M
    Connecting cable VK 5000M (1200 mm long). Is used to operate the memory unit outside the radio set.

    BA 5001M
    Station battery BA 5001M with 12 NiCad- batteries, and fuse 10A, slow.
    Instead of the the Staizon battery BA 5001M, a battery BPU 7000/1 (non rechargeable primary battery with adapter cable and strap) may be used (not in the collection).

    Accessory box
  • 1 test adapter, used for:
      testing the interface to the memory unit;
      testing transmitter and ATU;
      at emergency ioeration replacement of the ATU.
  • 2 dechargeing flaps; needed for slowly dechargeing the battery:
      dechargeing current 25 mA,
      displayed by green LED,
      low dechargeing voltage 12V.
  • 1 earplug
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 1 adjusting pen
  • 2 banana plugs
  • 2 lithium batteries for memory unit SR 5000M
  • 3 spare fuses for the station battery
  • 3 spare fuses for the PSU
  • 1 extendable rod antenna

    accessories outside the accessory box:

    Dechargeing adapter
    Dechargeing adapter : used for quick dechargeing of the battery:
      dechargeing current 1.2 A,
      starts when plugged onto the battery,
      displayed by green LED,
      dechargeing time abt. 1 hour.

    The H- adapter is used to charge the batteries BA 5001M from the PSU
    SV 5000M.

    AC cable
    AC cable

    The TM also mentiones as accessories:
    Long wire antenna LWA 7000, 15m wire as antenna, 2 x 10m wire as counterpoise (not present).

    More stay- behind radios in the collection:

    Frequency range:
    2.0 .. 29.999 MHz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    15 W (during tuning 5 mW)
    Tuning time:
    3 Sec.
    Frequency steps:
    1 kHz
    Modulation transmitter:
    C1D (Echotel- kompatible vestigial sideband method)
    Modulation receiver:
    J2B (single sideband with suppressed carrier)
    Step speed of the transmitted signal:
    3000 Bd
    Transmitting time:
    0.8 Sec.
    Transmitter / Receiver- memories:
    10 each
    Character- capacity per memory transmitting/receiving
    55 characters, 6 Bit each
    Antennea connector:
    50 Ohm; up to SWR < 2,5
    Antenna length:
    7.5 .. 25m
    Operational voltage:
    13 .. 20V; rated voltage 15V
    Power consumption:
    receiving 200 mA, transmitting 8A
    SV 5000 PSU:
    Primary voltage 100 .. 240V AC
    Secondary voltage 13.5 V DC
    Measurements and weight:
    T 29 x B 36.5 x H 7 cm; 8,4 kg