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      Codan 9350
  Codan 9780
      Codan NGT SRx







is a HF transceiver built by the Australian company Codan Pty Ltd ©.

It was developed for use in the Australian bush.

It is s synthesized radio, operated by the operational elements on the front, or by buttons on the microfone.

A central microprozessor controls all functions, like Clarifier, emergency call etc. All these functions are standard.

The radio also can be operated by a remote control panel.

Frequencies and options can be programmed using a IBM- compatible computer.

The backlit display shows all operational frequencies and modes.

The AF output is reduced to 10W at a high SWR.

Channels can be stored in simplex or 2-frequency-simplex.

Channels can be moved to different channel places; also receive- channels only can be programmed.

Up to 10 channels can be scanned.

Using a special cable, options and frequenciec can be cloned vie the microphone socket.

The TRX is built as a channel- only radio, which limits its use asa HAM radio. Any receive frequency can be chosen by clarifier, by pushing PTT the TRX jumps back to the last used channel frequency. This specimen, however, has a freescroll option which overrides the channel function. Now all frequencies can be tuned, and the TRX is a an excellent Ham transceiver.

 The mobile antenna Codan 9350
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is remotely controlled by the transceiver. After chosing a new frequency, you press "tune", and the antenna tunes itself. A step motor (operated by a microcontroller) in the antenna base compares the new frequency with the last frequency used (stored in an Eprom), and computes the direction of the tuning.

The antenna consists of
a lower part, with the built in tuning mechanism. The housing is made of glass fibre reinforced nylon, the fixing point is flexible.
The upper antenna part (1.58 m long) is a solid rod antenna, it can be removed when not in use.
The complete antenna length is 245 cm.

Frequency range:

receive: 250 kHz .. 30, Transmit: 2.25 .. 30 MHz


Technical data:
Transmit: 2.25 .. 30 MHz
Receive: 250 kHz .. 30 MHz
15; aa simplex- or 2-frequency- simplex- channels
125 W @ 2,25 MHz; decreasing to 80 W @ 30 MHz
J3E (USB and LSB); AM optional; ALE; Selcal
(RF amp on) 0,12 to 0,18 µV @ -122 dBm
Frequency generated by:
Frequency steps:
10 Hz
Warm up time:
1 min
Antenna output:
50 Ohm
Voltage, consumption:
13,6 V, normal 10,5 .. 15; maximum 9 .. 16 V;
Transmit: 9 .. 12 A; Receive: 750 mA
Shutdown @ 16 V over voltage
Measurements and weight:
250 x 78 x 350 mm; 3,3 kg
Technical data mobile antenna:
transmitting: 2.5 .. 27 MHz
receiving: 250 kHz .. 30 MHz
HF- output:
up to 125 W
Receiving 125 mA
Transmitting 1 A
Powerd by:
12V, supplied by the transceiver
Tuning speed:
Typical 2 Sec
over the complete frequency 2 .. 27 MHz : 5,5 Sec
50 Ohm
1.5 : 1
Scan- and Tune- mode (both controlled by teh transceiver -
by scan- and tune- buttons)
Control cable + coax cable: each 6m long
5.8 kg
245 cm