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Clansman VHF- ground spike antenna "GSA"

The Clansman antenna GSA

is a portable antenna, using a ground spike. To increase the range, it also can be mounted on a 5.4-m-mast "EGSA ".

It is meant for the radios PRC-350, PRC-351 and PRC-352, but also can be used with other VHF- radios, when their output does not exceed 25 Watts.

Due to frequency range, 2, 3, or 4 antenna segments are used.

The erection is very simple: The ground spike is driven into the ground. The antenna cable is connected to the antenna base / matching unit, the antenna base is fastened to the spike, and the antenna elements are plugged in.

Technical data:

Frequency range:
30 ... 76 MHz
Maximum HF power:
25 W
Mast length:
5.4 m (if the mast "EGSA" is used)
Frequency / antenna length / # of elements:
30 .. 53 MHz / 2.4 m / 4
52 .. 71 MHz / 1.85 m / 3
70 .. 76 MHz / 1.3 m / 2
Antenna cables: 2:
6 m and 30 cm

Parts of the antenna set:
Antenna base / tuning unit
2 HF cables
1 ground spike
4 long antenna elements (provided: 10 short elements)