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Harris RF-1941

The antennas RF-1940 and RF-1941 are built by HARRIS ©.
They can be erected as half-wave dipole; as sloping-vee or as inverted-vee antenna.

The dipole wires have markings, so the exact length can be unwound for the specific frequency. A chart is in the manual.

The antenna can be erected by one person; no additional hardware is required.

The collection holds the antenna:


Technical data:

Frequency range:
3.0 ... 30 MHz (RF-1940)
2.0 ... 30 MHz (RF-1941)
Horizontal (as dipole)
Maximum power:
500 W
Antenna impedance:
50 Ohm
RF cable:
10 m RF-58C/U or similar
Mechanical length:
46.4 m (RF-1940)
74.6 m (RF-1941)
Separate parts:
2 spools with 70 feet of throwing line each and the antenna
Center isolator
10 m RF cable
2.3 kg
Size of the bag:
34 x 17 x 7 cm