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Motorola PRC-68 (prototype)

Motorola PRC-68

In the competition for the PRC-68, prototypes were supplied from Magnavox/Ft. Wayne (now Raytheon) and from Motorola. Magnavox won.

The Motorola unit differed from the Magnavox unit in that

  • an internal jumper selected one of twelve possible channels.
    A change of crystals would apparently change the location of these channels in the band of coverage.

    Smaller than the eventual winner, an interesting feature of the Motorola unit is that
  • the antenna was built into the bottom of the case.
    There is also a
  • provision for an external antenna.
    It used
  • two mercury batteries in the center of the unit.

    The bottom is made of plastic and holds the antenna and crystals that are not in use.

    The nameplate carries a
  • 1967 contract date.