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SEG 15






  SEG 15

is a portable, stationary or a mobile SSB radio. It offers: SSB, fonie with full carrier (A3H) or suppressed carrier (A3J). CW (A2J) takes place by means of tone palpation in the sideband. Operating mode is  simplex. The device is solid state.

Substantial add-on modules, like morse key, loudspeaker, handset, micro, tools and many small articles are accommodated at the accessory box:

Frequency range:

1600... 11999 kHz, switched at 10400 channels of 1-kHz, with dekade switches.


Technical data:

Mass + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 376 x 112 x 304 mm; 7.8 kg.
Power supply unit: L/b/h: 370 x 106 x 99 mm; 3.6 kg.
Power  supplied by:
Battery operation
Dc static converter operation
Line operation
Hand generator
2,5-m teleskope antenna
long wire antenna
Blade antenna 4 m
mast dipole antenna
Antenna tuning
For senders and receiver with inserted variometer.
NF bandwidth
350... 7000 cycles per second