Modern Era SSB Sets

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      SE 6861 / 12 mod
  SE 6863






  SE 6863

is a mobile 150- W- HF- SSB- transceiver of German origin, consisting of :

  • SE 6861 military HF transceiver
  • FH 6865 mobile mounting
  • SV 6863 100-W power amplifier

    Military radio SE 6861

    (Technical data see there)
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    Is the transceiver to be clipped into the mounting 6865. Frequency range is 1.5 to 30 MHz. For more data see the page of the radio itself (Next page up).
    Mobile mounting FH 6865
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    The mounting contains a transient protection, power connector for the radio, an NF- amplifier and an NF- group for the NF- inputs.
    It also is a DC- coupler and a galvanic separation from the mobile power.
    The radio SE 6861 is clipped into the mounting, the HF amplifier is clipped on top of the mounting. Mechanical forces are destroyed by special shock absorbers.

    Connectors ( from left to right ) for
  • HF amplifier SV 6863,
  • Battery
  • two NF- connectors und
  • Connector to radio SE 6861
    150-W HF Amplifier SE 6863
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    Four clips hold th HF amplifier on top of the mounting.
  • The plug "Steuerung (operation)" is connected to its counterpart on    the mounting.
  • HF- input (BNC) of the power amplifier is connected to HF- output of    the transceiver.
  • An ATU can be operated by another plug.
  • A self- test of the amplifier can be started by a test- button.
  • Operating conditions are shown by four lamps.
    Frequency range:
    1.5 ... 30 MHz
    HF output:
    150 W @ 50 Ohm
    < 100 W at VSWR > 1.5
    400 W @ Cw (A1A)
    150 W @ SSB (J3E)
    19 ... 36 V
    Measurements and weight:
    W 346 x D 300 x H 165 mm; 16.5 kg

    RF 281 A:

    is the ATU for the radio set (not in the collection). It is a device of its own; meant for, but not a part of the radio set. It is used to match rod antennas and wire antennas to the value, tolerated by the power amp. It is to be mounted next to the antenna and is operated by SV 6863, i.e. it has no operational elements.