Modern Era SSB Sets

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is a modular built ex- Yugoslavian solid state HF- radio with automatic antenna tuner. Three motors always tune the antenna without interference of the operator and without interrupting the transmission.

It uses ground wave for short distance or sky wave for long distance connections.

RU-20 was developed by the Canadian enterprise Collins/ Rockwell as AN/PRC-515. It also was built in the USA by Collins International and used by the Army.

It was licensed in different countries, also in Yugoslavia, where this radio comes from.

The radio shown here has modules made in Canada; and Yugoslavian nameplates. It uses a Handcrank and a small battery. An other type has a bigger battery, but no handcrank.

The radio consists of three modules:

  • Receiver / Exciter
  • Control unit
  • Power amplifier / coupler

    For remote control the Control unit can be detached from the transceiver and be connected by a cable.
    Without changing the usual configuration it can be used as mobile or fixed station. Different antennas, a mounting for mobile use and the car battery can be attached.
    Power amplifiers can provide a HF power of 100 or 400 Watts.

    Frequency range:

    TX: 2 ... 29,990 MHz
    RX: 500 KHz ... 29.990 Mhz


    Technical data:
    HF output:
    20 W @ 50 Ohm
    Channel spacing:
    100 Hz
    USB, LSB, AM, CW, Data transmission
    Tuning time:
    2 (normal) to 7 Sek (max)
    SSB: 0.5 µV ; AM: 2 µV
    22 ... 30 V
    Antenna portable:
    2.4 m rod antenna