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The GDR used :R-350M, R-353, R-354, and R-394KM are espionage radios. Being HF radios, they cover up to 1000 km. All radios have a high speed morse device. The resulting short emitting time made the tracking of agents more difficult.
The radios mostly were parachuted to their destined place.

is a clandestine radio.

It was issued in the 70s. Even though transistor radios were common in these days, the Russians kept using miniature tubes- only the keying device and the transverter were built using transistors.
Lettering is cyrillic. (R-354's predecessor, R-353 had english lettering).

Frequency range:
Transmitter: 2.5 ... 15.0 MHz
Receiver: 2.0 ... 15.5 MHz


Technical Data:
Transmitter: 7 Subminiature tubes, 1 Transistor
Receiver: 10 Subminiature tubes, 1 Transistor
HF output:
10 W
Operating modes:
A1A (CW) transceiving and receiving
A3A (Fonie) only receiving
Powered by:
6V- Silver-Zinc-Battery SZM-5
Power consumption:
Receiving 3A
Transceiving 8A
Long wire ; Attached to glass fiber mast (belonging to the set) or tree (not belonging to the set).
15,5 kgs
Batteries needed :
4 times SZM 5
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