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is a portable solid state broadband radio. It enables simplex connections, also operates by remote control over telephone (FM). CW is possible. Frequencies are switched by  rotary switches. An automatic antenna tuner is built in. It can be used stationarily, portable and mobile, likewise by parachutists with the special container TK-30.

Frequency range:

30... 75.999 MHz


Technical data:

Mass + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 305 x 160 x 170 mm; 19 kg.
Transmitting power
5 W
Frequency departure
+ - 1 kHz
FM 10 to 20 km, CW (FM carrier  tone) up to 50 km.
under 0,6 UV with signal-to-noise ratio of 10:1.
Sections of the radio:
Transceiver R-159, stretcher belt, 2 spezial batteries, Russian documentation, radio operator bag plus mini CW key, 40-m-Beverage-Antenna,  coax cable, antenna holder for cars` operation, bag with loading box for batteries.
10HKN8 (?)
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