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is a very small portable transceiver,  simplex, and is used on short distances. It is used on the lowest army level particularly by special forces, still today. It is manufactured at 26 frequency- versions between 44... 51.8 MHz and has 4 spot frequencies. You can establish connection without tuning the frequency.

R-147 P
is the receiver to this set with equivalent frequency range, the form is somewhat different (slightly smaller), accessories are alike.

Frequency range (Museum's sets):

2 Sets: 45.5 MHz, 45.6 MHz, 45.7 MHz, 45.8 MHz.
(same as R-147P)

2 Sets: 51.2 MHz, 51.3 MHz, 51.4 MHz, 51.5 MHz.

1 Set: 46.1 MHz, 46.2 MHz, 46.3 MHz, 46.4 MHz.


Technical data:

Mass + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 77 x 120 x 45 mm; 680 g.
Transmitting power
0.13 Watts.
Working frequencies
with band antenna: 1 km.
with flexible antenna: 400 m.
Sensitivity, frequency departure, assembly:
1.5 uV, 5 kHz
14 IC's and 15 transistors.
Radio R-147, tape antenna, speech set,  antenna setting, antenna tape, battery.
Accessories and spare parts:
Speech set, band antenna , carrying bag, carrying bag with stretcher belt antenna, external power supply with cable.