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      R 143







is a small portable transceiver,  operating mode is simplex, it is used on short distances. It is used on the lower tactical level (company radio).

Frequency range:

48.5... 51.5 MHz


Technical data:

Mass + weights:
Radio: L/b/h: 210 x 105 x 180 mm; 2.8 kg.
The small Transceiver is operated by 11 miniature tubes and 2 transistors.
Transmitting power
0.36 Watts.
Working frequencies
31, 100 kHz apart, which are indicated on the tunable scale.
with 1,5 m blade antenna: 2 km.
with long wire antenna: 4 - 5 km
Sensitivity, frequency departure,
2 uV, 7 kHz
Radio R-126, 1,5-m Kulikow antenna, speech set, 2 batteries SZD 12.
1 canvas bag, 4 batteries SZD 12, 1 speech set with throat microphone, 1 Kulikowantenna 1.5 m, 1 Long wire ant. 40 m, 1 counterweight, 2 extension sticks for blade antenna
Batteries needed:
2 times SZD 12
In use:
1962 to the beginning of the 80s
Replaced by:

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