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The Battery- test- set AN/PSM-13

in the collection's version consists of:
Test Set TS-1301/PSM-13
Six adapters U240, U241, U 297, U 314, U 315 and U 347
Canvas bag CW-842/PSM-13.

  • Test Set TS-1301/PSM-13 with scale, switch and male octal connector.

  • Six adapters, to plug into this octal connector.

    All adapters have a female octal connector on one side (to connect to the male octal connector of the test set). The other side connects to the batteries to be measured.

    Many dry batteries can be measured under operational conditions, showing their condition and the remaining operational time. Two adapters and the test set can be carried on the belt in the

    Canvas bag CW-842/PSM-13 .

    The adapters in this version of the set are: U240, U241, U 297, U 314, U 315 and U 347.
    All descriptions count six adapters, but instead of the adapter U-297 in this set U-242 or U-410 also are mentioned.

  • Adapter U-240 tests batteries BA-279/U and BA-377/U for PRC-8 to PRC-10
        and others
  • Adapter U-241 tests batteries BA-270/U and BA-376/U for PRC-6 and
       PRC-6/6; the pin straightener U-242 is attached on a string.
  • Adapter U-297 tests batteries BA-386/U for PRC-25, PRC-77, PRC-74 and others
  • Adapter U-314 tests batteries BA-399/U for PRT-4
  • Adapter U-315 tests batteries BA-505/U for PRR-9
  • Adapter U-347 tests batteries BA-398/U for PRC-25, PRC-77, PRC-74 and others