Modern Era SSB Sets

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is a modern solid state radio. It is one of the first and few radios, covering as well HF as the tactical band.

The radio itself alone is called RT-1133/PRC-70.

It is developed as a portable radio, but can also be used as mobile set.

Modes are AM, CW, SSB, FSK and from 30 to 76 MHz also FM.

A fully automatic antenna tuner is built in. It tunes rod antennas, dipoles and long wires in an average of one second.

Two PRC-70, connected by a cable (MK-456 GRC), can operate as a relais or as crossband station.

Voice encryption is possible.

An operation below a voltage of 24 V can damage the radio, that is why the battery has a built in protection BB-542/U. (See picture gallery)

Frequency range:
2 ... 76 MHz


Technical data:
Frequency step:
100 Hz
AM, SSB, CW, FSK (2 .. 76 MHz)
FM (30 .. 76 MHz)
HF output:
CW, FM, FSK : 21 .. 42 W
SSB: 21 .. 42 W
AM: 7.5 W carrier; 30 W PEP @ 85 % modulation
AM 2.5µV; SSB/CW/FSK 0.375 - 0.5µV; FM 0.6µV
SSB/FSK/CW 2.8 kHz, AM 6 kHz, FM 32 kHz
Voltage needed:
24 .. 32 V
Receiving: 7 W
Transmitting low output: 50 W
Transmitting high output: 160 W ( FSK, CW, FM, AM)
Transmitting high output: 115 W ( SSB)
Powered by:
Hand generator G-76/G with cable CX-13175/G
(PRC-70 itself needs cable CX-13176/G)
Power supply / charger PP-6148/U
Battery BB-542/U
Rod antenna short 6 feet; AS-2976/PRC-70 (for 4 ... 76 MHz)
Rod antenna long 9 feet; AS-2976/PRC-70 (for 3 ... 76 MHz)
Dipole antenna AS-2975/PRC (for 2 ... 30 MHz)
Antenna AS-2974/PRC-70: SSB/FM 40 km, AM 25 km
Antenna AS-2975/PRC-70: CW up to 4000 km; SSB, AM up to 800 km
Headset: H-251/U
Handset: H-250/U
CW key: KY-116/U
Year of issue:
Built by:
Replaced by:
PRC-74 and PRC-77
Replaced by: