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I am afraid, this fleamarket does not take place anymore.


is a small village in Brandenburg. The "Waldsiedlung Peckfitz" is an old barracks of the late GDR in the middle of a forest. It is used now by many groups, among others it is the home of a "Munga- Club". Fans of green four-wheel vehicles meet there to get stuck in mud holes.. All through the year collectors of ex- military cars and tanks come to Peckfitz and bring their vehicles.

The whole installation has the charm of a dusty and chaotic museum; the greenradio- fleamarket fits neatly into this environment. Framework houses in different stages of reconstruction, machines big and small, some complete, some plundered; a locomotive, some tractors, cranes, reaping machines, a big cannon, well waggons etc etc...

Opposite to the entrance is a large clearing. This is where collectors of ex military vehicles meet. They also bring tanks and other heavy machinery. There are many meetings through out the year, and by chance they also show up on fleamarket days.

Kalle, DK6AL, who runs the fleamarket, sells technical handbooks via his site www.algra-funkarchiv.de. He has his greenradio museum in one of the halls. The fleamarket is always on the weekend before Whitsuntide and at the first weekend in September- on Saturday. It starts exactly at sunrise.

A day at the fleamarket:

I sleep in my tent, so that I do not have to drive there in the middle of the night. Sunrise is at about 4:30 AM. I cannot get much sleep, the groups ( and there are many ) like to party until late in the night. And they start early. At 4:30 it often is so cold that the car's windows are frosted over. A warm cup of coffee is very welcome. I have to use a " green cooker ", since my usual camping gas cooker does not work at temperatures so low.

Already in the morning mists, some stalwart wanderers are looking for bargains..


Later, as the weather clears, you can walk around the area and have a look at some vehicles and other material.

Examples of the fleamarket:


Kalle's green radio Museum:


A transportable hall, to be pulled out like an accordion.


Other users of the area: