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Optical Comparison
BC-1000 / BC-1335

SCR-619/BC-1335 (1943/4)
was developed using the same technology used in the development of
SCR-300/BC-1000 (1942/3).
(Picture 1):
Both use minitubes, both chassis look very much alike
(The parts of the chassis dealing with tunability / fixed channels are different, of course- see pictures 5 and 7.)
(Picture 2 and 3): Minitubes in combination with IF Caps look alike.
(Picture 4): The battery of the portable BC-1335 is the same as
BC-1000's battery
deriving from the different usage:
(Picture 5): BC1335 is not tunbable, but uses fixed frequencies, thus has a an alignment aid.
(Picture 6): BC-1335 has a built-in magic eye, used for field alignment
(Picture 7): The built-in power supply needs a filament and a HV regulation tube (gas discharge glow type.)
( The vibrator power supply of BC1000 (uses 6/12/24 V) also contains these regulations, but not the BC-1000 itself. As battery-operated radio it does not need it.)

Picture 1
Chassis- similarities
left: BC-1000; right: BC-1335
Picture 2
BC-1000 Minitubes & IF Caps
Picture 3
BC-1335 Minitubes & IF Caps
Picture 4
Equality of batteries
Picture 5
BC-1335 Alignment aid
Picture 6
BC-1335 Magic eye
Picture 7
BC-1335 Power supply with
filament and HV regulation tubes