WK II Era AM Sets

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  SCR-694 / BC-1306






The BC-1306 should be in the WWII- category. Because it is so closely related to GRC-9, I included it in this category.

  SCR-694 / BC-1306

was built as replacement for the much larger SCR-284.

It is a WWII- station, consisting of a separate transmitter and receiver in a single watertight housing. Frequency setting is done by a tunable oscillator; in addition two crystals can be plugged in.

It was used as mobile and portable station. It was developed for special forces and mountain troups, but was used by all forces, because the BC-654 (SCR-284) could not be handed out in big numbers.

WWII handy talkie BC-611 was built ecpecially for working together with the BC-1306; the BC-1306 also works together with the post war radio GRC-9 and many other HF stations.

Mobile operation uses the vibrator power supply PE-237 (rare nowadays); connectors and accessories of the successor GRC-9 are identical. So GRC-9's transformer- power supply DY-88 can be used.

During a radio silence the transmitter is adjusted by using a:

  Phantom antenna A-34
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It is attached by removing the calibration chart from the front of the transmitter. You slide the chart to the front of the A-34 and slide the A-34 to the position where the calibration chart used to be. The ground lead is connected to the frame of the BC-1306. The black wire of the A-34 is connected to the antenna connector. Now you can adjust the transmitter by using the controls WIRE/WHIP and SETTING of the A-34 instead of ANTENNA SELECTOR and ANTENNA TUNING.

Frequency range:
3.8 ... 6.5 MHz (one range)
or two fixed frequencies (plugged in crystals)


Technical data:
25 km (AM); 45 km (CW)
HF output:
7 or 15 W
RX :
2 x 1L4
2 x 1R5
1 x 1S5
1 x 3Q4
TX :
1 x 2 E22
2 x 3A4
1 x VR105
Voltages needed:
6.3, 1.4, 105 and 425-500 V.
(Mobile power supply PE-237 or Handcrank GN-58)
Powered by:
6 / 12 / 24 V
Year of issue:
Replaced by: