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Unknown village radio
(Known radios are down below for comparison)


The Village Radio in question is not mentioned in lists I know.

For better comparison the enlarged pix are large. Anyone wants
to have a close look at a special detail? Please tell me, a picture will be added at once.

Who can help finding out more about this radio?
Any help on nomenclature, data etc will be appreciated.

The radio has an antenna- connector, like the FM1 below. The resonance of the antenna that came with the radio is 71 MHz. The crystal is missing.
Front, antenna connector as in FM1
The only portable Village Radio in my collection with a name plate is the FM 1. Here it looks like the nameplate was removed.
Battery compartment
Alignment aid, on the side of the chassis
Chassis complete
Chassis, detail
Chassis, detail
Chassis, detail

Village Radios
Im Museum
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Radio HT-1 Front HT-1 Chassis HT-1
Radio HT-2 Front HT-2 Chassis HT-2 Air Radio Modul HT-2
Radio TR-20 Chassis Chassis Typenschild
Nameplate TR-20
Radio FM-1 Front FM-1 Chassis FM-1 Typenschild
Nameplate FM-1
Radio FM-5 Typenschild
Nameplate FM-5
Oberes / upper
chassis FM-5
Unteres / lower
chassis FM-5